My protein based diet

I started the insanity program again and completed the first month and just started the second month. I wasn’t sure what to do because I also wanted to start running for the spring runs coming up. I didn’t want to stop doing insanity because it is by far the best workout ever!! My muscles are stronger and its gotten me in pretty good shape. So I am just going to alternate insanity and running. I cannot give up either one. So in addition to that I incorporated a new diet into the mix. I been having back and neck issues which has resulted in me going to the chiropractor. He told me to start eating even more protein based foods to help strengthen those muscles that are pretty sore. I was eating some protein based foods, but not enough. So after incorporating more, I can notice such a huge difference in everything, my performance level, my energy level, my muscles aren’t as sore, it keeps me full throughout the day and I’ve lost some more weight. I haven’t been writing lately because I wanted to “experiment” first.

I think that anything a person decides to do to lose weight they just need to be patient and stick with it and stay motivated! I’ve heard from close friends and family what they have been doing to lose weight and its been working for them just as long as they stick to their goals. Kudos to you!! I always like to hear what people are doing to stay healthy and lose weight, its motivating I think.

Some foods I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner.

A kale smoothie-kale, banana, orange, flax seeds, egg whites. But recently I been trying spinach. I swear you can’t taste the green, whatever you choose. My son likes it because you mostly taste the banana. So it is a good way to get kids their veggies and fruits if they are picky!


Chocolate/vanilla protein shakes

I incorporate turkey burger into a lot of our meals.

Chicken-I use this a lot in our meals as well.


I recently bought these organic protein bars at walmart.

I also eat a lot of peanut butter or almond butter.

I just bought a carton of almond milk which is much higher in everything than regular milk. And it tastes pretty good!

I heard this saying about protein and whats more beneficial…no feet, two feet, four feet. Tofu and fish being at top and anything with four feet being the lowest….so beef/red meat.

So yeah, I’ve found my protein based diet to be pretty beneficial in so many ways even if you aren’t trying to lose weight;) And I also have to add, I am in no way perfect. I like to indulge every now and then. So my diet is not like this 24/7 I have my share of pizza, wings and any kind of good food out there when you eat out! I think its just a matter of being in control of your portions, not over doing it and knowing your own body.

Ps. I like hearing other peoples stories/tips etc….


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