Just because its diet soda does not make it okay….

This has been an issue for me for the past few years now only because I see it almost daily. I think a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about diet soda. Just because it is diet…does not make it okay to drink! It has many side effects and is basically a road block for those who are on diets. Soda in general is not a good thing due to the side effects, but especially when you are trying to shed those pounds! Diet soda has aspartame in it which is toxic to your body. Aspartame is also present in some yogurts, artificial sweeteners, just to name a few. Again I only make mention of this because I have seen people that drink diet soda from morning to evening. These are the people that are more at risk for experiencing these side effects. I also have relatives who are diabetic and drink it, which I worry about:/ I have heard on a few occasions about how diet soda has impacted a persons body from joint pain, headaches to numbness. I had people tell me they lost some weight once they quit soda cold turkey! Which I thought was pretty cool;) Its an addicting thing…I know…having it once in a while…yeah we all have our guilty pleasures:)…but like I said I know people who drink it just way too much thinking its okay, because its diet! Heres a couple of helpful links to learn more about it. Have a good day!




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