Workout food ideas, water benefits and something a little personal:/ oh please just read!!!

So I just wanted to use this blog entry to give a few tips. I will offer some pre and post workout food ideas in a minute and also things that you can replace in your diets thats a little more healthier;)

When I work out, I try to get something in my stomach even if its as little as a banana, which can go a long way. And it really depends on what time of day you are working out too. I am still getting used to my daily schedule after just starting my new job. On a daily basis I try to eat stuff that is beneficial to my workouts…sounds obsessive!! but no, if I am going to eat right might as well put towards my workout goals;) So in the afternoon just sometime before I get off work I have something like an english muffin with almond butter because I workout right after work. Throughout my day I try to drink as much water as possible. If I could get away with it I would drink a liter in the morning and the afternoon.

Now drinking water is so beneficial in so many ways!! Drinking water fills you up more which makes you eat smaller portions. Did you know that sometimes when your feeling hungry your probably just thirsty:o I would challenge anyone next time they feel hungry down some water and it will subside your hunger pains;) If you often get headaches it maybe because you are not drinking enough water!! it replenishes your skin, increases your energy….you know stuff like that…I am a coffee drinker, can’t help it:/ if you are it is especially important that you drink water otherwise you are more prone to get dehydrated, and I know this because its happened to me before:/ here is a good website to get more helpful information.

Okay so things that you can replace that will be more beneficial….and still tastes the same;) Instead of using ground beef, try using ground turkey….tastes the same I swear!!! I’ve used it in a casserole, chili…any recipe that has ground beef in it, replace it with ground turkey.

I’ve also recently replaced my peanut butter with almond butter. Here is a website to see what the health benefits are  It tastes better too! but that’s just my opinion;)

Replace your white bread with whole grain also your pastas with whole grain.

Replace your milk with organic, its a little bit pricier….but with our busy schedules sometimes we don’t use a whole lot of milk. Organic milk lasts longer and doesn’t expire as quick as regular milk.

Every time you go to the grocery store, make it a habit to buy bananas as a regular grocery item;) My mama and I do that and its a good habit to get into.

Those are just a few that can go a long way…maybe I’ll put some more up later.

Now as far as pre and post foods go while working out. It is important because you need it for energy! Here are just a few to give you an idea….yogurt(preferably greek), cheese sticks, granola(maybe mixed in with your yogurt), almond butter or peanut butter on anything you can think of that you prefer, bread, toast, celery….bananas, almonds, high fiber cereals, hummus and carrots. Also, protein shakes are a good post workout, but it just depends on how you feel about them. One of my favorites and its cheaper than protein shakes is chocolate milk:)

So like yesterday after my workout I had my kale, orange banana smoothie(you can drink that too:))

I just have to say that ….don’t lose weight for anyone else!! stick to your own goals and keep your focus on yourself. We are all different! For myself….I wanted to lose just a few pounds….since like maybe a week before Christmas I been trying my hardest and making better decisions. It was hard with all the food, I ate a lot!! lol But I still went fourth with it. So since then, I lost about 3.5-4 lbs. Just by watching my intake, portions and indulging in more healthier foods. But my overall goal!! ….is just to be healthier, get more in shape with my running. Its not so wrong to want to be healthier. Since this previous fall, my family and I been through so much I just wanted to make some changes in my life and be more committed this time.

The main reason why I am even doing this blog is to give support, be an advocate for good health in indian country. We don’t have very many people who give that support, especially on social media. Social media is a good tool when it comes to this kind of stuff!:) Some people don’t have that person to guide them in the right direction and to give tips or to have someone they can relate to. Might as well put my obsessions and passions to good use to help others. Again I am not an expert, I’m not perfect, these are my thoughts and ideas…I’ve seen results so I must be doing something right;)…..just have some will power, discipline and commitment and I promise you will start seeing results.


Please take it all in! Lets support one another. Feedback and comments is helpful;)

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