Making physical activity a priority!!!!

So today I worked out at the YMCA 35 minutes before closing. I told myself I am getting my workout in today!! Saturdays and Sundays are good workout days because you have more free time and don’t have to rush around like you do on the weekdays or they could also make good rest days:) whichever you prefer. Myself, I don’t have a set time, day, schedule whatever…when it comes to my workouts. But I do TRY to workout at least 4-5 days out of the week. With our busy hectic lifestyles you just never know when one day will be too busy to squeeze in a workout. So that’s why I don’t like to rely on a schedule, I decide when that day comes.

I know for most of us its hard to get motivated and STAY motivated to make working out as a regular priority in our lives. I’m a runner, I love to run!! Always have always will!! Right now I am in the process of training for spring and summer 5k’s. My goal is to get at least a couple minutes closer to my running time I had in high school. That’s part of what keeps me motivated. Also, I look at working out or my runs, as a way of relieving stress, time for myself, something to help keep my anxiety under control, something that is helpful for mind, body and spirit. All of that is really what keeps me motivated, when I look at it that way and sometimes when I’m feeling really stressed out, I literally crave a good run!!! lol because my adrenaline is just going crazy I need to get it under control with a nice workout.

I think physical activity is crucial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure or any health related issue someone is having. Physical activity is not only about weight loss, we need to look at it as beneficial for other things too. But I know with the new year, that’s mainly what its about right now. But I would challenge anyone to try to utilize if for other things and make that as part of your new years resolutions;)

Just so I don’t get bored with doing the same thing I like to mix it up, I do other things like 15-20 minutes on the elliptical, hiking, stair workouts….in the warm months my son and I go on bike rides. Like today I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minute stair workout and about 10 minutes of ab and arm workout. With the stair workout I worked out my legs pretty good, so your getting both cardio and getting some good work on your leg muscles. I wanted to do more but the Y was about to close lol. Doing weight training is crucial! You don’t want to lose muscle mass. Just simple weight training is all you need.

I’ll admit its hard getting to the gym, in fact I hate it!! But during the winter months I almost don’t have a choice. However, buying some workout dvds and doing workouts at home is another good option. I did that last winter and loved it! But this year my son goes to childcare and is involved in sports at the Y and we have a membership, so might as well utilize it lol. I usually go right after work so I don’t have to peel myself off the couch later. Even looking on youtube and finding some workouts on there I’ve found helpful as well.

Also as your working towards your weight loss goals, keep in mind that its about 85% food intake and only 15% or your workouts. Everybody is different, everybody has different goals they are working towards. The challenging part is finding what works for you and knowing your body! Again these tips are what work for me, hope this helps in anyway!!


PS Eat something small before a workout, banana, cheese stick, yogurt etc….and also something after, you need a good recovery and to refuel your body. Today I ate almond butter on whole grain toast, a turkey sandwich and recovered with my kale, banana, orange smoothie and cheese stick. For dinner I’m going to make whole wheat rotini pasta and a side of salad. I think on my next blog I will provide food tips and what is beneficial before and after workouts;) Comments, what you are currently doing or any input is encouraged also!! Have a good rest of the weekend!!

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