New year….New changes;)


So as we bring in the new year, I’ve decided that I am going to try different things as far as food choices go. I experiment here and there, but I want to try even more!!! I wanted to make this blog because with the new year comes new changes for everyone, especially when it comes to being healthy and active. Being healthy and active is one of my main priorities in life, not only for myself but for my son and husband as well. Its a struggle to get them to go along with me, but we try! LOL Now I don’t like to flaunt my healthy eating habits and try to make everyone else feel bad, because sometimes I feel like that’s what people think. I am in no way perfect when it comes to eating right, I have my weaknesses as well, but I don’t over indulge either. I looovve me some appetizers, bar food…whatever you want to call it. But overall….I can eat pretty well and those who know me well, know how I eat. Over the years I never really cared how I ate or how much I indulged. It just recently started as I entered into my mid twenties. I don’t know why or how or why I am so obsessed these days….and that’s how it feels most of the time…like an obsession!!!! Throughout the whole process my obsession started thinking about our native communities and how our health is, what we eat, how we don’t really care what we eat, how we can have a 12 pack of pepsi in our fridge but not a twelve pack of water or how often we glamorize frybread and indian tacos but not really think about how bad it is….just to name a few….and again, I’m not perfect, I love indian tacos! But my point is… we have high rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Sometimes my thought process goes back to how we used to live, we ate wholesome nutritious foods, had minimal health issues and we were constantly moving. Our diets have changed drastically. I will probably do another blog entry on that whole other topic later:)

Over the past couple years we have made little changes in our household by just eliminating processed food(frozen dinners which is high in sodium, boxed meal mixes which is also high in sodium and fat and processed meats), sugary cereals, soda, eating whole grain bread instead of white, switching to whole grain pasta, lowfat milk, and drinking more water. Sometimes we have canned food like soup(rarely)….but canned food also falls under processed.That in itself will make a huge difference, and somehow we are managing just fine:) Once in a while we’ll have a bag of chips or something but we try not to have junk food as a regular food item. And….. I know everyone loves ramens!!! it is very very high in sodium!! not good!! Just wanted to mention that LOL

I will agree its not easy eating 100% healthy, its rare, can be expensive sometimes, and finding foods to cook with that are healthy is also challenging. We don’t eat 100% healthy in my household but we try to eat more foods that are healthier and nourishing for our bodies.

I’d say this is good start for a new year!!! I am not an expert, don’t try to be one but I just wanted to share my opinions, thoughts, ideas whatever you may call them. Overall I care about the well being of our health, if I didn’t care I probably wouldn’t have started this blog;) Have a good day!


PS For lunch I had a kale, banana, orange smoothie and a mixture of organic nuts and dry fruit!! it was good. Don’t be afraid to try something different either;) and guess what!! it was pretty cheap and kale is super duper good for you!!!

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2 Responses to New year….New changes;)

  1. Reno Charette says:

    I have been experimenting with high protein whole grain flours to make bannock with. I like how it tastes and feel like it’s healthier bread and still somewhat close to being culturally appropriate. I’ll post my receipe soon.

  2. oliviastead says:

    Thanks reno!! that would be awesome;)

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