My protein based diet

I started the insanity program again and completed the first month and just started the second month. I wasn’t sure what to do because I also wanted to start running for the spring runs coming up. I didn’t want to stop doing insanity because it is by far the best workout ever!! My muscles are stronger and its gotten me in pretty good shape. So I am just going to alternate insanity and running. I cannot give up either one. So in addition to that I incorporated a new diet into the mix. I been having back and neck issues which has resulted in me going to the chiropractor. He told me to start eating even more protein based foods to help strengthen those muscles that are pretty sore. I was eating some protein based foods, but not enough. So after incorporating more, I can notice such a huge difference in everything, my performance level, my energy level, my muscles aren’t as sore, it keeps me full throughout the day and I’ve lost some more weight. I haven’t been writing lately because I wanted to “experiment” first.

I think that anything a person decides to do to lose weight they just need to be patient and stick with it and stay motivated! I’ve heard from close friends and family what they have been doing to lose weight and its been working for them just as long as they stick to their goals. Kudos to you!! I always like to hear what people are doing to stay healthy and lose weight, its motivating I think.

Some foods I eat for breakfast lunch and dinner.

A kale smoothie-kale, banana, orange, flax seeds, egg whites. But recently I been trying spinach. I swear you can’t taste the green, whatever you choose. My son likes it because you mostly taste the banana. So it is a good way to get kids their veggies and fruits if they are picky!


Chocolate/vanilla protein shakes

I incorporate turkey burger into a lot of our meals.

Chicken-I use this a lot in our meals as well.


I recently bought these organic protein bars at walmart.

I also eat a lot of peanut butter or almond butter.

I just bought a carton of almond milk which is much higher in everything than regular milk. And it tastes pretty good!

I heard this saying about protein and whats more beneficial…no feet, two feet, four feet. Tofu and fish being at top and anything with four feet being the lowest….so beef/red meat.

So yeah, I’ve found my protein based diet to be pretty beneficial in so many ways even if you aren’t trying to lose weight;) And I also have to add, I am in no way perfect. I like to indulge every now and then. So my diet is not like this 24/7 I have my share of pizza, wings and any kind of good food out there when you eat out! I think its just a matter of being in control of your portions, not over doing it and knowing your own body.

Ps. I like hearing other peoples stories/tips etc….


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Just because its diet soda does not make it okay….

This has been an issue for me for the past few years now only because I see it almost daily. I think a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about diet soda. Just because it is diet…does not make it okay to drink! It has many side effects and is basically a road block for those who are on diets. Soda in general is not a good thing due to the side effects, but especially when you are trying to shed those pounds! Diet soda has aspartame in it which is toxic to your body. Aspartame is also present in some yogurts, artificial sweeteners, just to name a few. Again I only make mention of this because I have seen people that drink diet soda from morning to evening. These are the people that are more at risk for experiencing these side effects. I also have relatives who are diabetic and drink it, which I worry about:/ I have heard on a few occasions about how diet soda has impacted a persons body from joint pain, headaches to numbness. I had people tell me they lost some weight once they quit soda cold turkey! Which I thought was pretty cool;) Its an addicting thing…I know…having it once in a while…yeah we all have our guilty pleasures:)…but like I said I know people who drink it just way too much thinking its okay, because its diet! Heres a couple of helpful links to learn more about it. Have a good day!


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Workout food ideas, water benefits and something a little personal:/ oh please just read!!!

So I just wanted to use this blog entry to give a few tips. I will offer some pre and post workout food ideas in a minute and also things that you can replace in your diets thats a little more healthier;)

When I work out, I try to get something in my stomach even if its as little as a banana, which can go a long way. And it really depends on what time of day you are working out too. I am still getting used to my daily schedule after just starting my new job. On a daily basis I try to eat stuff that is beneficial to my workouts…sounds obsessive!! but no, if I am going to eat right might as well put towards my workout goals;) So in the afternoon just sometime before I get off work I have something like an english muffin with almond butter because I workout right after work. Throughout my day I try to drink as much water as possible. If I could get away with it I would drink a liter in the morning and the afternoon.

Now drinking water is so beneficial in so many ways!! Drinking water fills you up more which makes you eat smaller portions. Did you know that sometimes when your feeling hungry your probably just thirsty:o I would challenge anyone next time they feel hungry down some water and it will subside your hunger pains;) If you often get headaches it maybe because you are not drinking enough water!! it replenishes your skin, increases your energy….you know stuff like that…I am a coffee drinker, can’t help it:/ if you are it is especially important that you drink water otherwise you are more prone to get dehydrated, and I know this because its happened to me before:/ here is a good website to get more helpful information.

Okay so things that you can replace that will be more beneficial….and still tastes the same;) Instead of using ground beef, try using ground turkey….tastes the same I swear!!! I’ve used it in a casserole, chili…any recipe that has ground beef in it, replace it with ground turkey.

I’ve also recently replaced my peanut butter with almond butter. Here is a website to see what the health benefits are  It tastes better too! but that’s just my opinion;)

Replace your white bread with whole grain also your pastas with whole grain.

Replace your milk with organic, its a little bit pricier….but with our busy schedules sometimes we don’t use a whole lot of milk. Organic milk lasts longer and doesn’t expire as quick as regular milk.

Every time you go to the grocery store, make it a habit to buy bananas as a regular grocery item;) My mama and I do that and its a good habit to get into.

Those are just a few that can go a long way…maybe I’ll put some more up later.

Now as far as pre and post foods go while working out. It is important because you need it for energy! Here are just a few to give you an idea….yogurt(preferably greek), cheese sticks, granola(maybe mixed in with your yogurt), almond butter or peanut butter on anything you can think of that you prefer, bread, toast, celery….bananas, almonds, high fiber cereals, hummus and carrots. Also, protein shakes are a good post workout, but it just depends on how you feel about them. One of my favorites and its cheaper than protein shakes is chocolate milk:)

So like yesterday after my workout I had my kale, orange banana smoothie(you can drink that too:))

I just have to say that ….don’t lose weight for anyone else!! stick to your own goals and keep your focus on yourself. We are all different! For myself….I wanted to lose just a few pounds….since like maybe a week before Christmas I been trying my hardest and making better decisions. It was hard with all the food, I ate a lot!! lol But I still went fourth with it. So since then, I lost about 3.5-4 lbs. Just by watching my intake, portions and indulging in more healthier foods. But my overall goal!! ….is just to be healthier, get more in shape with my running. Its not so wrong to want to be healthier. Since this previous fall, my family and I been through so much I just wanted to make some changes in my life and be more committed this time.

The main reason why I am even doing this blog is to give support, be an advocate for good health in indian country. We don’t have very many people who give that support, especially on social media. Social media is a good tool when it comes to this kind of stuff!:) Some people don’t have that person to guide them in the right direction and to give tips or to have someone they can relate to. Might as well put my obsessions and passions to good use to help others. Again I am not an expert, I’m not perfect, these are my thoughts and ideas…I’ve seen results so I must be doing something right;)…..just have some will power, discipline and commitment and I promise you will start seeing results.


Please take it all in! Lets support one another. Feedback and comments is helpful;)

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Making physical activity a priority!!!!

So today I worked out at the YMCA 35 minutes before closing. I told myself I am getting my workout in today!! Saturdays and Sundays are good workout days because you have more free time and don’t have to rush around like you do on the weekdays or they could also make good rest days:) whichever you prefer. Myself, I don’t have a set time, day, schedule whatever…when it comes to my workouts. But I do TRY to workout at least 4-5 days out of the week. With our busy hectic lifestyles you just never know when one day will be too busy to squeeze in a workout. So that’s why I don’t like to rely on a schedule, I decide when that day comes.

I know for most of us its hard to get motivated and STAY motivated to make working out as a regular priority in our lives. I’m a runner, I love to run!! Always have always will!! Right now I am in the process of training for spring and summer 5k’s. My goal is to get at least a couple minutes closer to my running time I had in high school. That’s part of what keeps me motivated. Also, I look at working out or my runs, as a way of relieving stress, time for myself, something to help keep my anxiety under control, something that is helpful for mind, body and spirit. All of that is really what keeps me motivated, when I look at it that way and sometimes when I’m feeling really stressed out, I literally crave a good run!!! lol because my adrenaline is just going crazy I need to get it under control with a nice workout.

I think physical activity is crucial for people with diabetes, high blood pressure or any health related issue someone is having. Physical activity is not only about weight loss, we need to look at it as beneficial for other things too. But I know with the new year, that’s mainly what its about right now. But I would challenge anyone to try to utilize if for other things and make that as part of your new years resolutions;)

Just so I don’t get bored with doing the same thing I like to mix it up, I do other things like 15-20 minutes on the elliptical, hiking, stair workouts….in the warm months my son and I go on bike rides. Like today I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minute stair workout and about 10 minutes of ab and arm workout. With the stair workout I worked out my legs pretty good, so your getting both cardio and getting some good work on your leg muscles. I wanted to do more but the Y was about to close lol. Doing weight training is crucial! You don’t want to lose muscle mass. Just simple weight training is all you need.

I’ll admit its hard getting to the gym, in fact I hate it!! But during the winter months I almost don’t have a choice. However, buying some workout dvds and doing workouts at home is another good option. I did that last winter and loved it! But this year my son goes to childcare and is involved in sports at the Y and we have a membership, so might as well utilize it lol. I usually go right after work so I don’t have to peel myself off the couch later. Even looking on youtube and finding some workouts on there I’ve found helpful as well.

Also as your working towards your weight loss goals, keep in mind that its about 85% food intake and only 15% or your workouts. Everybody is different, everybody has different goals they are working towards. The challenging part is finding what works for you and knowing your body! Again these tips are what work for me, hope this helps in anyway!!


PS Eat something small before a workout, banana, cheese stick, yogurt etc….and also something after, you need a good recovery and to refuel your body. Today I ate almond butter on whole grain toast, a turkey sandwich and recovered with my kale, banana, orange smoothie and cheese stick. For dinner I’m going to make whole wheat rotini pasta and a side of salad. I think on my next blog I will provide food tips and what is beneficial before and after workouts;) Comments, what you are currently doing or any input is encouraged also!! Have a good rest of the weekend!!

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New year….New changes;)


So as we bring in the new year, I’ve decided that I am going to try different things as far as food choices go. I experiment here and there, but I want to try even more!!! I wanted to make this blog because with the new year comes new changes for everyone, especially when it comes to being healthy and active. Being healthy and active is one of my main priorities in life, not only for myself but for my son and husband as well. Its a struggle to get them to go along with me, but we try! LOL Now I don’t like to flaunt my healthy eating habits and try to make everyone else feel bad, because sometimes I feel like that’s what people think. I am in no way perfect when it comes to eating right, I have my weaknesses as well, but I don’t over indulge either. I looovve me some appetizers, bar food…whatever you want to call it. But overall….I can eat pretty well and those who know me well, know how I eat. Over the years I never really cared how I ate or how much I indulged. It just recently started as I entered into my mid twenties. I don’t know why or how or why I am so obsessed these days….and that’s how it feels most of the time…like an obsession!!!! Throughout the whole process my obsession started thinking about our native communities and how our health is, what we eat, how we don’t really care what we eat, how we can have a 12 pack of pepsi in our fridge but not a twelve pack of water or how often we glamorize frybread and indian tacos but not really think about how bad it is….just to name a few….and again, I’m not perfect, I love indian tacos! But my point is… we have high rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Sometimes my thought process goes back to how we used to live, we ate wholesome nutritious foods, had minimal health issues and we were constantly moving. Our diets have changed drastically. I will probably do another blog entry on that whole other topic later:)

Over the past couple years we have made little changes in our household by just eliminating processed food(frozen dinners which is high in sodium, boxed meal mixes which is also high in sodium and fat and processed meats), sugary cereals, soda, eating whole grain bread instead of white, switching to whole grain pasta, lowfat milk, and drinking more water. Sometimes we have canned food like soup(rarely)….but canned food also falls under processed.That in itself will make a huge difference, and somehow we are managing just fine:) Once in a while we’ll have a bag of chips or something but we try not to have junk food as a regular food item. And….. I know everyone loves ramens!!! it is very very high in sodium!! not good!! Just wanted to mention that LOL

I will agree its not easy eating 100% healthy, its rare, can be expensive sometimes, and finding foods to cook with that are healthy is also challenging. We don’t eat 100% healthy in my household but we try to eat more foods that are healthier and nourishing for our bodies.

I’d say this is good start for a new year!!! I am not an expert, don’t try to be one but I just wanted to share my opinions, thoughts, ideas whatever you may call them. Overall I care about the well being of our health, if I didn’t care I probably wouldn’t have started this blog;) Have a good day!


PS For lunch I had a kale, banana, orange smoothie and a mixture of organic nuts and dry fruit!! it was good. Don’t be afraid to try something different either;) and guess what!! it was pretty cheap and kale is super duper good for you!!!

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